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What We Do

Some People's Pets creates unique custom art based on your pets image. We can create it for you or you can DIY it via  in person and DIY Paintyer-Pet parties or complete mailed Paintyer Pet kits. Meet or book us at a brewery, winery or restaurant in Rhode Island Massachusetts or Eastern Connecticut. If you're not in New England,  have us send you the party kit for you and your friends to paint your pets, custom drawn by us. Just want to paint your pet's portrait by yourself? We can do that too. Check out our kits and classes for adults and kids. If you're a pet charity, we offer discounted party prices so you can raise some needed funds. GOT TO OUR SHOP HERE. 

We donate 50% of proceeds at our fundraising events.

We use acrylic paint to afford bright colors

and they dry quickly.

Our custom portraits are

professionally hand painted,

on a wooden canvas.

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